How It Is by Samuel Beckett part 1 will receive its world premiere performance on Feb 1st 2018.  

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Still from How It Is work-in-progress filmed by Grant Gee.  

Still from How It Is work-in-progress filmed by Grant Gee.  

The creative team of director Judy Hegarty Lovett, performers Conor Lovett and Stephen Dillane and sound designer/composer/performer Mel Mercier have held several development workshops and work-in-progress presentations at Everyman Theatre in Cork, where the company are Theatre Artists in Residence (Supported by The Arts Council, Cork City Council Arts Office and University College Cork Drama & Theatre Studies).  Early development presentations have also been held at The Minghella Centre, University of Reading, Le Centre Culturel Irlandais and at Lincoln Centre, New York.  

Samuel Beckett's last full-length novel How It Is remains one of his least known works.  The three-part novel is presented in short unpunctuated paragraphs and appears to tell the story of a lone figure in a landscape of mud and darkness who drags with him a sack of tins and a tin-opener repeating, as he journeys, the words of a voice he hears inside and outside his own head.  He encounters a fellow traveller, Pim, and a bizarre relationship ensues followed by Pim's escape.  In a compelling innovation of form that pushes language to its limits, Beckett has created a work that is as evocative and emotionally charged as it is perplexing.  

Having presented ten Beckett prose texts on stage, Gare St Lazare Ireland now bring this unique work to a wider audience through their work.  The company are the world's only ensemble dedicated to an exploration of the work of Samuel Beckett through his prose, drama and radio drama.